Episode 186

A Triathlete's Guide to Strength and Conditioning: Part 1

British Triathlon Strength and Conditioning coaches Matt Croyle and James Langford join us for the triathlete's guide to Strength and Conditioning. This is part 1 of the interview.

You'll hear:

01:00 What is Strength and Conditioning?

Optimising health around tendon, bone and immune system and that extends to sleep and recovery and then optimizing performance.

03:00 Why does S and C matter in Endurance sports and triathlon?

‘It’s our role to expose you to some loading above and beyond what you get from the three sports, so you can tolerate it, so you can endure the sport.

06:00 James says that most interactions people might have in the gym might be after an injury. What what you do in the gym comes down to the priority you need to put on it. What’s the way behind why you’re doing it?  If it is ‘I want to improve my power in the bike, maybe it’s about working on your lower body’

10:00 Does the importance of S and C vary across age groups? Should people of all ages be doing it?

14:00 Why strength is important as we get older. ‘it will keep your muscle mass high and your bone density in a better place, so it will let you do what you love for a longer time.

17:00 If you’re time limited and needing to train for an Ironman, what should you be doing in the gym? James talks about the idea of micro dosing, ie do calf raises after your run before your shower, or do 3 sets of leg presses after your swim and before you head to work.   Prioritise what you need to do! It’s a good approach to not overwhelm yourself!

22:00 If the gym isn’t an option, what can you do at home?  Matt talks about doing drills in a warm up, low level contact with the ground, like pogos (a form of plyometric – fast ground contact)

26:00 Are there any specific exercises you can do to help get stronger for the swim?  James mentions how key pull ups are for the swim.

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