Episode 183

Jasmin Paris: Ultra Runner

Mum, full-time vet and super Ultra Runner Jasmin Paris joins me on the podcast this week. Jasmin spent lots of time in her childhood in the mountains hiking. She only got into fell running after qualifying as a vet and she realised she had found her people. She famously won outright, and smashed the course record at the Spine Race in 2019, while expressing at checkpoints, as she was still breast feeding. She was the second woman to start a fourth loop at The Barkley Marathons in 2023.

You'll hear:

04:00 Interview with Jasmin Paris

13:00 Her love of the hills and the mountains and the importance of finding time for herself now that she is a Mum.

15:00 Can she still keep things fun, now that she has achieved so much?

19:00 Why does she feel so happy in the mountain? Jasmin finds that it puts things into perspective.

21:00 What's the drive to go back to things when the goal isn't necessarily to win?

23:00 We talk about a woman winning The Berkley Marathons.

26:00 How is she 'kind to herself' after a massive event? Especially in the world of family and work.

29:00 We talk about managing discomfort and pain during an ultra.

34:00 Hot cross buns Vs gels

36:00 Breastfeeding during the spine race and how she was able to achieve such an amazing feat when her first daughter was 14 months old.

39:00 Was it a big decision to do the spine race with a young daughter? How does she deal with Mum guilt?

43:00 What would Jasmin do if she had 48 hours in a day

45:00 What has Jasmin learnt from her coach Damian Hall? He is the only coach she has ever had.

50:00 Learning from yourself every time you push yourself and how it gives her confidence in other areas of her life.

52:00 What's the most random thing she has ever won in a fell race?

Find out more about this week's guest:

Jasmin Paris twitter

Jasmin Paris website

The Green Runners website

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