Episode 184

Kat Matthews: Control your own decisions

Kat Matthews doesn't need much of an introduction these days. The former Army Physiotherapist is a huge role model for so many people in the sport of triathlon. In this episode, she answers listener's questions, talks about how she has rebuilt her confidence and belief after her accident and talks about her future goals.

You'll hear:

02:00 Kat talks about how she really enjoys inspiring other people

06:30 Has Kat had any counselling after her accident? Kat says that being alone without any facts has been the hardest thing for her.

09:00 Kat talks about the PTO's Crushed documentaries (link below)

12:00 Why Kat is strongly against the word 'comeback.'

13:30 Does Kat think she is mentally strong?

15:00 Some of the little wins that Kat had along the way as she was rehabbing from her accident.

22:00 Why being able to swim again was such a big stepping stone for her. She also talks about getting back on the bike on the first time. 'Just to do swim, bike and run training was a big deal.' Getting back on my bike, I just had to do it because it's my job.'

28:00 Question from Jo: Has Kat's background as a physio been helpful?

31:00 Question from Lowri: Have Kat's ambitions' changed since her accident?

35:00 Alex and Maja: Can Kat talk about her background in running and how she is able to run so strongly? Kat also talks about pacing and being at the track.

44:00 Question from Aioefe: Training on RPE Vs focussing on the data and numbers

47:00 Question from Daniel: what are your benchmark sessions so you know you are on track with your training?

50:00 Question from Kay and Si: Kat's thoughts on Motos in races* *We recorded this the day after the tragic accident in Hamburg.

53:00 Question from Kaylee: Does Kat read much and what does she read?

56:00 Daniel and Holly: What's Kat's post race favourite meal?

58:00 Holly: Any tips for nerves ahead of your first ironman?

59:59 How's Kat feeling ahead of Kona 2023? I think I can do it really really well.

Find out more about this week's guest:

Kat Matthews Instagram

Kat Matthews Crushed PTO documentary

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