Episode 148

Reece Barclay: Getting to know Team Charles-Barclay

Professional triathlete and coach Reece Barclay is on the podcast this week. You'll probably also know him for being one part of Team Charles Barclay, he is of course husband to Lucy Charles-Barclay. This is a really fascinating interview with Reece, about his own triathlon goals, what it was like for him when Lucy was injured in 2022, working with Dan Lorang and loads more.

You'll hear:

07:30 How Covid disrupted Reece's Ironman Wales plans

11:30 Reece looks back at Ironman UK in 2014 'we entered it as a challenge and as a selling point for our personal training business. Fast forward 3 years on from there and we were selling up the PT business and going into triathlon full time.

13:00 Reece talks about his sporty background as a child, with karate, squash and swimming. "I thrived off competing, but I was useless at squash."

18:30 Reece talks about how the disappointment of not making it to the Olympics brought him and Lucy Charles Barclay together.

20:00 Reece talks about Lucy's personality and her ability to deal with a sadistic amount of pain. 'You almost feel worried for her she can push so hard.'

22:00 If Reece has ever felt pressure to succeed in triathlon, because of Lucy's success.

25:00 How Reece juggled coaching learning with his own ambitions

26:30 How coach Dan Lorang came to be a part of 'Team Charles Barclay' and how Reece finds things a bit easier on a day to day basis. "I still feel the same pressure when she races."

31:30 Role reversal, how Reece got on at Roth, with Lucy on supporting duties.

35:30 What makes Dan Lorang and his approach different to perhaps another coach or a standard plan.

40:00 What was 2022 and Lucy's injury like for Reece to deal with?

45:00 Some of the things Reece has taken from 2022, with Reece's own heart issues and Lucy's injury and what 'rock bottom' was like.

53:00 Reece talks about his own goals within triathlon.

56:00 Reece on red wine :)

Find out more about this week's guest

Reece Barclay Instagram

Team Charles Barclay Youtube

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