Episode 182

Ryan Morley: Why triathletes need a bike fit

This week find out why getting a bike fit is key to performance, how to find a saddle that works for you and you'll hear tips on how to make the most of your pedal stroke, as Helen visits the Ryan Morley Cycle Centre, in Wrecsam, North Wales. Plus hear from the woman who decided to do her first triathlon at the age of 71.

You'll hear:

02:00 Ryan talks about his background as a bike fitter.

05:00 Ryan describes how he found out in 2019 that he had a heart condition which meant that he could no longer exercise. ‘I lost my job at the time, it was a real, real dark time’

09:00 How Ryan got into bike coaching

11:00 Why saddles and shoes are so crucial and why the saddle pressure kit Is such a cool piece of kit (Ryan is one of a few bike fitters in the UK to have one)

13:00 What makes a good bike fit – technology, the eye and training

14:00 Could everyone benefit from having a bike fit? And why it’s worth investing in a bike fit.

19:00 Why some cyclists get pins and needles in their hands and how to reduce the issue

22:00 The pressure on the perennial region and how to reduce it.

24:00 An intro to pedal technique

25:00 Can everyone be comfortable on a saddle? What to look for? How do you find a saddle for you? Are female specific ones any good?  What about bigger softer saddles? How can you actually try before you buy? What’s the best option?

34:00 Cleat position

37:00 Pedal technique

44:00 Hand position

48:00 How do you find a reputable bike fitter who you know will do a good job?


55:00 Hear how Helen's mum Ruth got on in her first ever triathlon at the age of 71

Find out more about this week's guest:

Ryan Morley Instagram

Ryan Morley Cycle Centre website

Ruth Murray's Justgiving website for MOVE

UK Triathlon's Cheshire Triathlon (sign up to join Helen's Mum in May next year!)

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