Episode 162

Skye Moench - Believing in yourself

Skye Moenche is an American triathlete. She left the security of her job as an accountant to become a professional athlete. She has gone on to become European and North American Ironman Champion as well as secure top ten finishes at the Ironman World Championships and Ironman 70.3 World Championships. She has an incredible work ethos, she loves the colour purple, enjoys sewing and wishes she could go back to being as organised as she was prior to her career change!

You'll hear:

04:00 Skye talks her childhood and her background in running as she was working full-time a decade ago. She enjoyed working but she really enjoyed getting out on her bike outside of work.

07:00 The marathon Skye did when she was 16 was 'a pivotal moment.'

12:00 Skye talks about doing her first triathlon when she was at University. "But I didn't have unlimited funds and unlimited time as I was balancing working and studies with my hobbies. I was very busy and very organised."

14:00 Why Skye never thought that being a professional athlete could be a possibility. 'Sport was just something that I loved to do and it's complemented my life." Skye also believes that getting back to the pure love and enjoyment of it is really key.

18:00 We talk about planning, and productivity and using time and energy wisely. It highlights the difference between an age grouper who works and trains, and a professional triathlete who makes training the priority.

22:00 The creative outlet that is sewing! Why Skye enjoys it.

25:00 Skye compares herself ten years ago to now, what she looked like, clothes etc... 'I love that triathlon forced me to embrace who I naturally am. I'm not going to put a face of make-up on every day.'

29:00 Has Skye' confidence changed at all? "I'm still very confident, but I'm very aware of reality now and how hard it is to achieve some of my triathlon goals.' When I started, I was blissfully unaware and extremely confident' It's great to hear where Skye believes her confidence has come from and why she thought the World was her oyster at the age of 22. 'I can do anything I want if I put my mind to it'

34:00 Leaving her stable accounting career 'it was completely my decision and I had the ultimate freedom and nobody could tell me otherwise.'

37:00 What the first few years as a professional were like. "It was between the 2nd and 3rd year that was challenging.'

38:30 The influence that Sarah Crowley has had on Skye.

41:00 Tips when you're overthinking a huge goal or have a big race later in the year. 'Stay present'

44:00 FORM Swim goggles - What Skye makes of them and why she can highly recommend them (see discount below!!)

47:00 Skye's love for purple!

Find out more about this week's guest:

Skye Moenche Instagram

Skye Moenche website

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