Episode 196

Hannah Saitch - Mixing adventures with triathlon

Hannah Saitch took the female win at Ironman Wales in 2022, she's notched up two top five finishes at Norseman and has qualified for Kona. She's also done some of the toughest triathlons and events in the World, from riding Wales in Day, to doing extreme triathlons. All while juggling training with her job as an anaesthetist and having adventures with her husband Matt.

You'll hear:

06:00 Hannah explains how she used to be a rower but struggled to mix rowing with training to be a Doctor, and dipper her toes into triathlon in 2008, borrowing her Father in law's bike!

09:30 How Hannah's childhood shaped her love for sport, especially for rowing.

12:00 Who was the outdoorsy one when Hannah met her husband Matt? Was it Matt or Hannah who had the huge love of the mountains and the outdoors?

13:00 Why Hannah was happy 'winging it' didn't get a coach for a few years and what made her want to get a coach to help her with her training.

16:00 How Hannah manages to train around her job as an anaesthetist, and how she juggled training in the past with tough working hours and shift patterns.

21:00 We talk about training guilt and balancing the selfishness with that sense of happiness and enjoyment too.

23:00 Why enjoyment goals are so much more important to Hannah than time goals and why enjoying the process is really crucial to her.

29:00 How Hannah ended up entered into Patagonman and what the experience was like.

37:00 Hannah talks about her progress from an average age group finish at Ironman Wales, to winning the women's race nine years later. Hannah explains why getting a coach and learning how to cycle properly were key to her success as well as working on her run.

42:00 Some of the changed that Hannah's seen in triathlon since she first started it in 2008 - the good and the bad.

43:00 What is it that makes Ironman Wales so special for Hannah?

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