Episode 195

Natalie Lawrence: Pro again at 36

Natalie Lawrence swam competitively until she was 15, when she fell out of love with swimming, before being invited onto the development programme by British Triathlon. She competed at the World Junior Triathlon Championships and then moved to Loughborough to study and start her journey on the World Class Programme. But she soon developed an eating disorder which led her to leaving the elite set-up. But Natalie still wanted to do triathlon and got her pro license for the first time in 2011. She's since had four children, all the time staying fit between her pregnancies and competing as an age grouper. But now at 36 she's gained her pro card again and says there's nothing to lost by giving it a crack.

You'll hear:

02:00 Heather from The Lake District got in touch to talk about having a larger body in triathlon. How there is a lack of support, equipment and information out there for plus size triathletes and the struggle to find triathlon suits and wetsuits for larger bodies.

19:00 Natalie talks about her background in swimming and triathlon

25:00 Natalie says she didn't fall in love initially with triathlon, it found her. She talks about her time at Loughborough University and being part of the British Triathlon set-up.

27:00 The moment of being weighed on the scales which Natalie was "the beginning of the downwards spiral." Natalie went on to develop an eating disorder 'that was my coping mechanism, but I was in total decline.'

34:00 Developing an exercise addiction. 'If I felt like I hadn't exercised then, I'd punish myself through not eating.'

37:00 The devil Vs the angel and how Natalie felt like she had to change her mindset when she became pregnant for the first time.

38:00 Natalie talks about being a mum to four children. she had four under four at one point!

40:00 How does Natalie fit her own training and work in around being a Mum?

41:00 How Natalie can currently get away with not swimming!

45:00 Why Natalie still wanted to be in triathlon, even once she left Loughborough.

46:00 Why Natalie has decided to go pro again at the age of 36 after winning Outlaw triathlon 2023. 'I'd rather do it and get my answer because life is too short. You don't know when life is up. If I can do it and I can do it alright, I'm going to give it a go.'

Find out more about this week's guest:

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