Episode 194

Ruth Astle: The mental rollercoaster of pro life

Ruth Astle started triathlon in 2013 when she was working in the city. Still while holding down her corporate job, she became overall age group world champion at Kona in 2019 before turning pro. She got her first pro ironman win at Mallorca on 2021, she came 5th at the ironman world championships in 2022 in St George. 2023 has been hampered by injury but Kona remains the aim. We talk about the mental ups and downs of being a pro triathlete, the need to just switch off and the support team around her …

You'll hear:

05:00 Start of the interview with Ruth

07:00 The need to take a break, go on holiday and switch off from triathlon and remind yourself there is a bigger world out there.

11:00 Why in her mind, 2023 has been a 'sh*t show'

17:00 The guilt and pressure of being injured and not being able to show sponsors your value.

20:00 John's question: Dealing with injury. Why it's okay to take an opportunity away from triathlon and training when you're injured. 'Don't bother with one-armed swimming, just take a break.'

25:00 Sarah's question: What's Ruth's set up and support crew like in Leeds? Who is in her corner? How does she train in Leeds?

30:00 Freddie's question: How should someone in their early 20s who is into triathlon approach triathlon and divide their time?

32:00 Has Ruth's passion for triathlon changed at all since she first started it in 2023? 'Looking back, I don't think I did the best job of mixing work and triathlon when I was an age grouper, but if I had done it differently, would I have got to the point of being good enough to be able to turn pro?'

36:00 Ruth's thoughts on Ironman struggling to fill slots for Kona and how they even offered any female who had raced at Ironman Tallinn a Kona slot.

43:00 Anne's question: What's it like dating Ali Brownlee? 'It's like dating any other guy. There are good times, there are times when he is really annoying. He is a human, people might be shocked to know this, but he is a human.'

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